Rug Cleaning in Canterbury, Wellington and Nelson/Marlborough

Is your rug showing signs of wear? Cost effective thorough rug cleaning will remove stains and odours from your rug, leaving it brighter and giving it a new lease of life!

We specialise in ADVANCED STAIN REMOVAL for RUGS including high-end Oriental and Turkish rugs, and ODOUR REMOVAL for carpets and rugs. If you have anything that you think can’t be cleaned or repaired, give us a call. We can often FIX what others can’t!
Keep your rugs in top condition with help from TeachClean.

If you have invested in a beautiful rug to set off your living room or as a feature for your office building or commercial premises, then you want to keep it in the best condition possible for years to come.

Professional rug cleaning can help prolong the life of your rug as well as keeping it looking good. TechClean offers a high-quality rug cleaning service in our purpose built workshop using the best products and machinery available.

Arrange a quote for your rug cleaning today, or give us a call to talk to us about the best care for your floor covering.
TechClean also offers carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning throughout Wellington so why not book our team for a complete clean of your property.

Why choose TechClean to maintain your rugs?

There are many cleaning companies out there, and many do-it-yourself options but if you have invested in a quality rug, you want to know that there are experts looking after it.

Your rugs are treated with the utmost care, using only the best products and machinery to ensure a perfect finish.

Thorough procedure to ensure cleanliness and restore brightness to rugs.

Specialists in Oriental, Persian, Turkish and Afghan or Kilim rugs.

Purpose-built washing facility with high-quality machinery and cleaning products.

Door to door pickup and delivery service.

Specialists in the care of quality rugs

TechClean specialises in the care of a range of high-end rugs including Oriental, Persian, Turkish and Afghan or Kilim rugs. Due to the way these rugs are manufactured, dye crocking, where the colour rubs off when dry, or dye bleeding, where the colours bleed when wet, are common issues so it is important that your rug cleaning is done by a skilled technician to maintain your investment.

With over 12 years of experience in rug cleaning, we know the best and gentlest way of cleaning your prized possession that will result in a brighter, cleaner rug while ensuring that no damage is caused.

A thorough process ensures proper rug cleaning with outstanding results

The team at TechClean follows a thorough process to clean each rug, leaving your rug looking like new.

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