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Mould Decontamination

Make your home or workplace safer and healthier with professional mould removal

Mould occurs due to a range of factors. In NZ, it’s common due to our weather and also our building style. Water leaks, floods, poor ventilation, and lack of insulation all contribute. Generally, it’s not the fault of the occupier, but they are left to manage the outcomes: a cold, damp and unhealthy home.

Mould, particularly black mould, can be terrible for our homes and our health. It can stain walls, ceiling and floors and damage your possessions. It can cause rot in timber and other organic materials. It can also cause unpleasant odours that are difficult to remove.

For our health, the outcomes can be catastrophic. Dampness alone can make people more prone to illness, especially children and the elderly. When mould is present, it can cause congestion, sneezing, breathing difficulties, respiratory infections, allergies and trigger asthma attacks. It can also cause some skin problems.

Mould can be an expensive and stressful problem.

Our Mould Decontamination services include:

  • Carpet Care & Cleaning
  • Stain Treatments
  • Urine Treatments
  • Upholstery
  • Rug Care
  • Fabric Protection
  • Leather Care
  • Drapes

Why hire a professional mould removal company?

Mould can be invisible, existing in roof spaces and wall linings for a long time before it’s found. People living or working on the premises can suffer a range of health problems associated with the mould. By the time the mould becomes visible, a lot of damage has already been done.

Left unchecked, the mould can cause the home or office to become uninhabitable or extremely expensive to repair. Dealing with it when the mould is discovered means a faster repair time. In the case of flood damage, a professional clean will prevent mould from forming, stop any more damage to your property, and ensure there are no problems in the future.

How do we remove mould?

Removing mould or excess water is a technical process. Depending on the circumstances, we may need to do a number of things. We may use industrial dehumidifiers to absorb all excess moisture. Then, using a variety of strategies, we kill the mould. It’s a plant, and what you see on the walls or ceiling is only the branches of the tree; the roots go down into the Gib, floorboards and fabrics. Bleach doesn’t remove mould, it simply removes the visible parts of the surface and not the roots underneath. We either mechanically remove the entire mould plant or kill it with a specialised formula.

We may suggest improvements or changes that could be made to the property to minimise the risk of mould reoccurring in the future. Using a professional means that the mould is removed completely, and there’s less risk of it reoccurring.

Mould removal and cleaning in Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, Wellington and Dunedin

For businesses and homeowners in Wellington, Canterbury, and Nelson Marlborough regions, TechClean is the easy answer. Contact us on 0800 101 234 to make an appointment or ask a question about our mould decontamination services. Book a mould removal service using our online form. Our skilled staff work hard to ensure your office or home is mould-free, giving you and your family the gift of health.

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