Meth Decontamination in Canterbury, Wellington and Nelson/Marlborough

Meth cleaning services that ensure your property is legally compliant and safe

Whether it’s a rental, commercial property, or home you’ve just purchased, NZ law states that in order to be habituated, levels of contamination must be below 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2 in high use areas of a property. The meth residue left after cooking or smoking meth lingers for a long time and the effects for those in the property can be distressing.

The side effects of meth decontamination are similar to that of the drug itself. Wakefulness, less appetite, and uncharacteristic violence and anger. Physically, the heart rate is irregular and blood pressure increases. Over time and continued exposure to high levels of contamination, there can be devastating consequences.

For adults, trace amounts will not affect them much. However, children and pets can be highly affected by the contamination, having problems sleeping, anxiety, breathing difficulties or even develop ADHD-like symptoms.

Our meth decontamination services include:

  • Soft furnishings replaced or thoroughly cleaned
  • Gib board removed or treated
  • Fixtures and fittings removed or cleaned
  • Countertops removed or treated/ cleaned

Our meth decontamination services include:

The amount of decontamination needed depends on the extent of the meth use. A home used as a meth lab will require more remediation than one that was only used for smoking. First, we conduct a series of tests to identify which areas of the house need decontamination. For instance, the kitchen may need extensive cleaning, but the bedrooms may not.

Why use a professional for meth decontamination?

If your home has tiny amounts of contamination, it’s may be acceptable to clean or renovate yourself. However, meth is toxic and needs thorough, professional cleaning. We use PPE to ensure the safety of everyone in the premises. We clean the area methodically and using the appropriate tools. Our NZQA qualified employees accurately and completely clean the house of any traces of meth; you know your home or property is safe for use. You can’t risk your health—get the professionals in.

Meth decontamination in Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington and Marlborough

TechClean’s meth decontamination services are thorough, professional, and will ensure your home, rental property or business comply with NZ law. We work hard to make sure your property is cleaned thoroughly, but also avoids unneeded remediation. Call us on 0800 101 234 or request a quote for your meth contaminated property

Where we can do meth decontamination:

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