Licenced Professionals in Asbestos Removal, Disposal and Testing in Wellington

Due to its highly carcinogenic nature, it’s best to leave testing, removal and disposal of asbestos to licenced experts. Our Wellington team have the technical know-how as well as the equipment to remove this material from your property efficiently and safely.

The presence of asbestos cannot commonly be confirmed by sight alone. The particles that it releases into the atmosphere are invisible to the human eye. We collect samples, which are sent to a lab to be identified. Since asbestos was widely used in construction before 1984 (when it was banned) it is likely to be on your property. Due to its highly carcinogenic nature, it’s encouraged that you contact us for removal rather than attempt it yourself.

Asbestos Testing Wellington

If you suspect you have asbestos on your property, call us on 0800 101 234 to schedule an inspection. Samples will be collected and tested. If the material is confirmed to be asbestos, we will create a customised plan to remove it safely. How we go about it will depend on the amount and type of asbestos that is present. A broad classification is Class A and Class B asbestos. The former is more dangerous as it is ‘friable’ or it disintegrates/ crumbles easily and releases its particles into the atmosphere. The latter is also called ‘non-friable’ and does not crumble as easily.

Where the asbestos is located just as important for the removal. It could be present in the floor, walls, or even in the roofing material

Removal of Asbestos in Wellington

Once the asbestos-containing material has been removed from your property, we also ensure that any airborne particles are captured and the air quality is tested as well. New samples are collected from the building to confirm that it is truly asbestos-free. This way we can be certain that the property is safe to move in to once again.

Asbestos that we collect from properties is disposed as per established protocol. It is wrapped up in specific heavy plastic, which is then buried in a designated area. Even the disposal of this material needs to be carried out only by licenced professionals.

At TechClean Wellington, we are licenced to remove both type A and type B asbestos. If you’re concerned about your Wellington property, contact us to schedule an inspection. We’re happy to discuss your options on 0800 101 234.

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