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How to Get the Best Price for Asbestos Removal in NZ; Why Cheap Isn’t Always Good

Asbestos removal is not cheap. Due to the dangers of inhaling asbestos, there is significant legislation around compliance.

Legislation means compliance. That means tightly monitored methods of removal, lots of PPE and safety equipment, and highly trained personnel. These things aren’t cheap, so you should not be looking for the cheapest asbestos removal options. Instead, you need to find a balance; a company that adheres to laws, keeps their staff safe, does the job thoroughly in order to keep you safe, and charges a fair, competitive price.

There are a few steps to finding this elusive asbestos removal unicorn.

1. Ask For Recommendations

If you know someone who has used an asbestos removal company, ask for recommendations. They’ll be able to tell you about their price, quality, and their attitude. This isn’t a project where a cowboy will suffice: you want someone with a proven track record, quality workmanship, and a good outcome.

If you’re doing a renovation, your builder will probably be able to recommend someone too, and this is especially helpful because you’ll know they can work in together easily. 

2. Do Your Due Diligence

Is this company allowed to remove asbestos? Check on the Worksafe site to see if they are licence holders. The website shows the location of the provider, the supervisors who are accredited, their licence class, and the expiry date of their licence.

Also, look at the Google reviews. These are an accurate barometer of their service and skills. And remember, bad reviews aren’t always bad; check out if the company has responded to and resolved any negative comments, 

3. Get a Written Quote

It’s standard procedure to get a written quote. Any legit asbestos removal company will do this as needed. Get a few different quotes from different companies and compare them carefully. 

Different companies will have varying quoting methods, so don’t go straight to the bottom line. Have they itemised everything? Do they include dumping fees, do they do testing at the end to ensure all the asbestos is removed? Have they included equipment such as scaffolding or scissor lifts if required? 

Also, check out the travel costs. Choosing a local company will be more economical than paying someone to travel to site. Also, a local company will know the approval asbestos disposal facilities and other regional information; this can save time and money.

4. Ask The Difficult Questions

For legitimate asbestos removal firms, these questions won’t be difficult. They should easily know the answers—if not, that’s a red flag.

  • While you should have searched anyway, ask them about their licensing. Depending on the work you want done, they’ll need either Class A or Class B asbestos removal. 
  • How long have they been in business? If they’ve been around a while, they’ll have experience and good outcomes from their previous work.
  • Ask them how long the job will take. They should be screening off the area they’re working in, ensuring no contamination, not allowing other workers on-site/ in the rooms in question.

This is also great for you to get an idea of timelines; if you can’t have other people on site while they decontaminate the property, how long will the remainder of the work be delayed? While there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances, they should be able to give you a pretty clear timeline.

  • What kind of asbestos is on site? Different types of asbestos may need different methods of removal. Are they familiar with that type? Have they removed it before?
  • Finally, do they have liability insurance to cover disaster? They’ll likely have it, and won’t need it, but it’s another way of separating the quality from the cowboys.

5. Compare Asbestos Removal Firms

While you want to pay a reasonable price, you also don’t want it to be simply about the lowest cost. You want the job done properly.

There’s also something to be said for how the company makes you feel. Do they listen to your concerns, and can they answer your questions clearly (even the stupid questions)? Do you feel like you can trust them to do a good job?

Also, the Kiwi culture is all very much a DIY one. But, you need to take a step back here. You can’t do this by yourself, and nor can you cut corners using some mate from school that promised you a good price for cash. 

Make Your Choice

The answer should be clear by this point; the price not too expensive or worryingly cheap. You’ll know that they are legit and qualified to do the job. And you feel like you can trust them and build a rapport with them.

If you’re in Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington, or Marlborough, give us a call to ask about an asbestos removal quote. We’re experienced, qualified, and want to get your property clear of asbestos so you can get in with your renovations and life.

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