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Asbestos Removal Contractors: Protecting Health in New Zealand Homes

Asbestos is a hidden danger that can lurk in our homes, posing significant health risks. People commonly used this material in New Zealand buildings until the mid-1980s because of its durability and heat-resistant properties.

Our blog post explains asbestos dangers and the important role of certified asbestos removal contractors in protecting health at home.

Understanding Asbestos and its Hazards

People now universally recognise asbestos, a silicate mineral once celebrated for its fire resistance and durability, as a dangerous substance. It gained popularity in the construction industry because of its insulation properties, but increased asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems.

When disturbed during renovations or demolitions of older buildings, tiny asbestos fibres are released into the air. Inhaling these airborne particles over time contributes to severe lung diseases like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Furthermore, there’s no safe level of exposure to this hazardous material. Even brief contact can lead to long-term health effects which often manifest decades later. Proper management is crucial for safeguarding public safety from asbestos contamination. Locations such as large industrial buildings and demolition sites often have asbestos materials, making this particularly important.

The Importance of Hiring Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors

Hiring licensed asbestos removal contractors is important for safety, following regulations, and expert handling and disposal of asbestos.

Ensuring Safety Standards

Engaging a licensed asbestos removal contractor ensures the highest safety standards. There are two classes of licences in New Zealand, Class A and Class B, each meeting specific safety measures.

This classification system ensures that those handling dangerous substances like asbestos meet rigorous professional criteria. Licensed asbestos removal contractors must follow strict rules set by WorkSafe, including using approved tools and safety gear and showing expertise in handling.

WorkSafe regularly reviews these licenses for validity, including expiry dates and active status. This process ensures ongoing compliance with ever-evolving industry health and safety risks.

The Asbestos Licence Holder Register helps consumers find licensed asbestos removal contractors easily. Consumers can search and filter by licence type, location, and other important details. This helps ensure that they hire qualified professionals for efficient service.

With this tool, clients can trust their chosen contractors to handle dangerous materials like lead paint, black mould, and asbestos.

Compliance with Regulations

Licensed asbestos removal contractors strictly follow New Zealand’s regulations. They uphold the safety guidelines laid out in the Health & Safety in Employment Act, the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996, along with other relevant laws.

These professionals uphold significant responsibilities like maintaining $10m general liability and ensuring proper handling of hazardous materials per legal requirements. Using an approved contractor guarantees full compliance with local rules and reduces potential health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Non-compliance can lead to significant fines under legislation such as the Resource Management Act 1991. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a qualified professional for any work that involves asbestos.

Expert Handling and Disposal

Expert handling and disposal of asbestos is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and health of New Zealand homes. Licenced contractors, equipped with approved tools and protective gear, adhere to governmental regulations during the entire removal process.

These certified professionals use tried-and-tested methods to prevent any potential exposure or contamination from occurring. They carefully gather and pack all asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), readying them for safe transport to dedicated disposal facilities.

This thorough approach helps minimise risk while guaranteeing your home’s safety post asbestos removal work. Such procedures are important for public health as they prevent respiratory problems caused by improper asbestos management.

Identifying Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors

You can easily identify licensed asbestos removal contractors by checking the Asbestos Licence Holder Register and reading reviews and testimonials.

Searching the Asbestos Licence Holder Register

Searching the Asbestos Licence Holder Register will ensure that the asbestos removal contractor you hire is qualified and follows safety regulations.

  1. Open the Asbestos Licence Holder Register webpage on the WorkSafe site.
  2. Find a search box where you can input specific information to filter results.
  3. Use keywords such as “Asbestos Removalist” or “Asbestos Assessor” to streamline your search.
  4. Check for detailed information including Licence Type, class, number, expiry date and active status of each listed contractor.
  5. Ensure that you find information regarding the supervisor(s) involved in each project and monitor every process well.
  6. Use the location detail to find contractors operating within your specific region like Auckland, Wellington, or Bay of Plenty.
  7. Note down email addresses provided for future communications or queries regarding services offered.

The Process of Professional Asbestos Removal

The process of professional asbestos removal involves an initial assessment, safe removal practices, and proper disposal methods. Discover how licensed contractors safeguard your health and ensure compliance with regulations.

Initial Assessment

Professional asbestos removal contractors perform an initial assessment to identify potential asbestos exposures in your home or business. This comprehensive review includes a thorough investigation of both visible and concealed spaces, from large industrial buildings to smaller residential areas.

Using approved tools and safety equipment, contractors examine the condition of any suspected asbestos-containing materials. The goal is not only to confirm the presence of asbestos but also determine its type and extent as well.

An initial assessment is crucial for creating a plan to safely and efficiently remove asbestos, while protecting public health and following environmental rules.

Get in touch with Tech Clean today to learn how we can help and get a free quote for asbestos removal.

Safe Removal Practices

Licensed asbestos removal contractors must diligently implement safe removal practices. Asbestos is a hazardous material that can pose significant health threats if not handled properly.

Professionals follow safety rules and use proper tools to remove asbestos and reduce the chance of exposure.

Proper containment areas are established to prevent cross-contamination in unaffected parts of the property. They utilise negative air pressure units, which work like vacuum cleaners, extracting airborne particles from inside the sealed off area.

Class A WorkSafe asbestos license holders can handle friable asbestos, which easily crumbles into tiny fibres and becomes airborne. They must pay careful attention to detail to ensure this is carried out safely.

Finally, ensuring that workers wear suitable protective clothing is another vital part of safe practices. This includes respirators specifically designed for asbestos abatement, full-body coveralls, gloves, and shoe covers.

Proper Disposal Methods

Proper disposal methods are essential when it comes to the professional removal of asbestos in New Zealand homes. It is crucial to follow correct procedures for the safe handling and disposal of hazardous substances.

Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand offers valuable resources on asbestos. These resources include a list of licensed asbestos removal contractors, and information on how to take an asbestos sample.

Various websites offer info on handling dangerous substances such as asbestos, lead paint, lead poisoning, and general substance management.


Asbestos removal contractors are essential in safeguarding the health of New Zealand homeowners. Professionals safely remove asbestos from homes by following safety standards and legislative requirements, and using expert handling and disposal techniques.

The Asbestos Licence Holder Register provides a valuable resource for identifying licensed contractors that prioritise health and safety. Trusting experienced contractors like Tech Clean guarantees efficient and professional service, protecting both public safety and the well-being of residents.

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