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How Much Does Asbestos Removal and Decontamination Cost?

Removing asbestos is not a cheap process. Due to its hazardous, toxic nature, it needs highly specialised removal. 

Why is asbestos removal so expensive?

While ripping out an old kitchen or wall linings might be a cheap job anyone can do, asbestos removal requires specialised treatment. This is what makes it expensive when compared to standard home renovations, which only require brute strength and enthusiasm.

Asbestos can be incredibly harmful. It causes four terminal diseases, and even a small amount of exposure can cause illness which leads to death. If incorrectly removed, fibres can remain inside and be inhaled by staff or family members. The risk is huge and must be managed effectively for the health and wellbeing of all.

Due to this risk, the NZ Government has created rules and laws around who can remove asbestos. There is training that needs to be undertaken and constant keeping up with legislation and best practice changes. This requires considerable time and money from the removal company – but if this ensures the health and safety of you and those around you, it’s incredibly important.

The health and safety standards require very specific PPE to be worn by staff. Added to this, the room must be sealed in plastic so no fibres escape. And then once the asbestos is removed, it needs to be disposed of correctly, in a specialised landfill. All this costs extra money.

How do I find the best price for asbestos removal?

When looking for contractors speak to a range of companies on the phone and check out their website. Then, get a couple of businesses in for a quote. Once you have their quotes, you can compare prices and make a decision about which one is best.

Beware of a company that is significantly cheaper than the others. This could indicate that they take shortcuts or won’t adhere to the laws around asbestos removal. Or, they may have missed some information or not quoted for the entirety of the job. 

Also beware a contractor who doesn’t visit the site to quote for the job. Unless you can succinctly outline what needs done, and have technical knowledge of the job, then quoting without seeing the site could end up being an expensive oversight. 

How much does asbestos removal cost?

The cost of asbestos removal depends on:

  • The location of the asbestos, whether equipment like a scissor lift is needed
  • The form it takes on, whether wall claddings, ceiling stippling, or insulation fluff or something else
  • The amount of asbestos
  • The site location and access to site
  • Whether the asbestos is class A or class B (friable or non friable)

This makes it very difficult to give a generalised price; it could be anywhere between $65m2 and $300m2. 

How to know if the asbestos removers will do a quality job

They should be happy to answer all your questions, and you should feel comfortable asking them.

  • Are they licenced to remove asbestos? Confirm they have a class A removal licence, and ask to see documentation proving this. This is one task you don’t want cowboys doing.
  • How much experience do they have? How long have they been decontaminating asbestos?
  • What is the plan; how do they intend to remove the asbestos?
  • What safety precautions do they take? This should include PPE, making the premises air tight, a decontamination zone, and disposal techniques.
  • Do they have liability insurance?
  • What types of asbestos have they removed? Are they familiar with the type on your site?
  • How long will this process take? 

How to find the best asbestos removal company?

As with finding any reputable firm, the best thing to do is ask around. If any family or friends have had asbestos removed, ask them who they used, and if they were happy with the service. You can also check Google reviews, the company’s Facebook page, and other review sites to see feedback, both good and bad.

Correctly removing asbestos ensures the health and wellbeing of everyone in the building. The decontamination process must be performed perfectly—so make sure you take extra care when finding someone to do the work.

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For qualified, experienced asbestos removal specialists in Nelson, Marlborough, Christchurch, and Wellington, contact TechClean and Restoration. We are certified to remove class A asbestos, and have experience across a wide range of forms of asbestos.

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